Thursday 25 October 2012

The Latest edition of Ambitions is out!

Here is the latest edition of Ambitions. We hope you'll enjoy reading it. Click here to view the original format. If you have any questions regarding the subjects of coaching and mentoring or simply would like to share your thoughts with us, please send us en email.
Dear Sir/Madame,

There is no time like Autumn to put the frustrations of the economy behind us and lay the foundations to grasp all our opportunities to accelerate our companies' and personal development.  When the going gets tough, execution focus is the key to differentiation and to rising above our peers.  Execution is the theme of this newsletter and we cover 3 dimensions of it below - recruitment, team development and coaching tools.  Thank you all for the feedback on our newsletters so far and I look forward to continuing our dialogue.
Best wishes, Simon

We are delighted to announce a new collaboration with executive search company Campbell Black. The aim is to combine Campbell Black's insights into technology and high growth companies' recruitment processes with SJ Associates's business coaching expertise.  An early fruit of this collaboration is the launch of a research study based where we interviewed 25 of the most successful CEOs and HR leaders on how hiring has helped them scale technology related businesses. What business leaders told us went a long way to de-bunk many of the myths of recruitment and this is a theme we will return to in future research. Read the first chapter of the resulting eBook here.

We are firm believers in individuals' capability to continuously stretch and improve themselves. Through their own resourcefulness they will discover new solutions to complicated problems and push ahead in ways their managers or peers could never have predicted.  Management by choice rather by requirement drives superior performance versus peers at competitors through creating a fun working environment.   I have seen enjoyment being the driver motivation that, in turn, drives positive team dynamics, successful recruitment, talent development, staff retention, and ultimately customer satisfaction and bottom line results. 

This is why the Motivational Maps analysis tool impressed me so much when an associate introduced me to it - ties together so many aspects of leadership that would have been invaluable during my time as a CEO .  To see if this makes the same impression on you please request your complimentary discovery analysis (map, action list and consultation).  It is remarkable how much actionable insight can be generated so quickly and easily - shared data opens up so many doors to deliver step-change performance improvement. Get more information on one-on-one and team motivation drivers here.

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